Sidewalk Leveling for
Walkways in Commercial
and Residential Spaces

Sidewalk Repair and Walkway Leveling

When it comes to sidewalk leveling, people aren’t always aware of their liability. If a walkway has more than a ¼” rise between slabs, it’s a liability for business owners and homeowners alike.

With our concrete leveling services, Louisiana home and business owners have a quick, efficient, effective way to avoid costly litigation. Using our patented leveling foam, our teams work quickly and accurately to level walkways throughout the Louisiana Gulf Coast region. Call a representative today for an estimate on your pathway project!

Raised Walkway Leveling: Sidewalk Repair in Louisiana

Oftentimes, uneven sidewalks result from a rise rather than sinking. In either case, it creates a hazard for the public. When something pushes up a sidewalk slab or causes it to sink, replacement is quite expensive. However, that’s not your only option.

Luckily, there’s a fast, cost-effective way to raise concrete slabs in the walkway. When our teams work with homeowners or business owners, they examine the area surrounding the hazard. Oftentimes, there’s a simple solution to create a safe, gentle slope in a sidewalk. This fixes the issues without the added cost and labor of replacement.

In some cases, uneven sidewalks result in one side lifting up as the other sinks down. With our sidewalk leveling services, you have access to the tools and experience to bring your walkway back into its proper position.

How Sidewalk Leveling Works with BCG Services

With our unique sidewalk leveling and slab lifting solution, we control the lift of concrete slabs. By using our patented leveling foam, we restore a level surface that seals and stabilizes the defective areas. Moreover, it seals off sources of water penetration from below the slab.

As the foam dries, it hardens. This reinforces the support structure of the concrete and anyone who walks on top of it. This leaves behind a smooth, level walkway.


HOA-Approved Walkway Leveling

With our patented leveling foam, we offer a fast-acting service with unparalleled accuracy. Often, we provide a simple same-day service because our foam levels and dries quickly. When your walkway becomes a neighborhood eyesore, trust in BCG to restore your home to its former glory.

Call the Sidewalk Leveling Experts at BCG

When an uneven path poses a liability to others, contact our sidewalk leveling team. Across the Gulf Coast region, we have a track record of excellence in service and repair for home and business owners alike.

We are always happy to help with your concrete repair projects. Call our team today at 985-851-6949 to learn more and schedule a free consultation!

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