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Brands that trust BCG Services

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Based in Houma and servicing the Louisiana Gulf Coast Region

We are the local experts for concrete leveling and foundation repair services in Louisiana, providing quality solutions for a variety of foundation issues. We have a passion to deliver the highest level of service and expertise to ensure your home is safe, stable, and looks its best.

Our foundation repair products include piers, wall anchors, wall stabilization systems and the best in foam injected concrete leveling products to provide a long-lasting repair you can be proud of.

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Louisiana Residential Concrete Repair

We are the local experts when it comes to residential concrete leveling and foundation repair services. Across Louisiana, we offer quality solutions for a variety of issues homeowners face. From sunken foundations to cracked patios, we have a passion for delivering the highest level of service and expertise. 

Through concrete leveling and foundation repair, we offer our clients safe, stable homes that look great. When you work with our team, we provide a long-lasting repair you can count on.

Cracked Driveway Repair

Pulling into your own driveway should never feel like an offroad adventure. Moreover, your driveway is often the first thing guests see when they visit. Cracked, unlevel concrete is nothing more than an eyesore. What’s worse? It lowers your home’s value whenever you decide to sell. 

Large cracks and uneven surfaces in concrete pathways pose a risk to you, your family, visitors, and passersby, leaving you liable for a poorly maintained tripping hazard. 

Luckily, BCG Services has a patented concrete repair solution. With our patented foam injection, we fill cracks and lift sunken concrete in driveways and parking lots to bring them back into place. When we’re done, you have a long-lasting solution with curb appeal. 

Concrete Leveling or Replacement?

Oftentimes, homeowners believe damaged concrete is beyond repair. Cracked, sunken pieces that settle irregularly are visually unappealing and pose a danger to anyone who crosses your property. Worse yet, a sinking house poses a danger to your entire family. 

However, concrete replacement is a time-consuming, expensive process. It requires the removal of old concrete before pouring a new slab. The process takes days to cure before your family can use it again. 

With our patented foam injection, though, we level concrete out instead of replacing it. Since we don’t have to tear out and replace a slab, our team works quickly and efficiently to level out your property. 

Oftentimes, our teams finish a job in a single afternoon, and your concrete is ready for use in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, with our concrete leveling solutions, the result is as strong and durable as a full replacement.

Allow our FREE 27 point inspection to decide if foam leveling is right for you

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Ready to Fix your Uneven Concrete?

When your home needs some leveling out, contact our residential concrete repair team for a helping hand! Our team is always ready to assist. Call now to schedule a FREE inspection. 


Commercial Concrete Repair

As a leading provider of commercial concrete repair services, we understand the essential factors at play. Between code requirements and safety features, a business of any kind needs to ensure its employees and patrons that the premises are safe. At BCG Services, we offer businesses peace of mind whenever they face concrete and foundation problems. 

  • Municipality needs 
  • Infrastructure repair 
  • Restaurant repair 
  • Commercial property repair 
  • Warehouse floor repair
  • Assorted industrial needs

When we partner with a business, we provide them with quick, easy, and honest service they trust. With foundation and concrete repair, a commercial entity requires these tenets. At BCG, we strive to work transparently and efficiently to get a job done right the first time – on time and on budget. 

Why Choose BCG Services for Commercial Concrete Repair

When you run a business, you have a lot to juggle. The last thing you need or want to worry about is commercial concrete repair. However, as you weigh the repairs against other potential costs, there’s a great benefit to a quick, simple service that corrects these issues. 

With BCG Services, we offer peace of mind. Our teams know how to assess your particular problem, level the impacted areas, and get out of your way quickly and efficiently. 

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Marine Concrete Repair

Bulkhead and Seawall Repair

As the leading provider of marine concrete repair across the Gulf Coast region, we offer a cost-effective solution to bulkhead and seawall repair. When you need to stop water infiltration, trust in the expertise of BCG Services. 

In addition to our residential and commercial services, we specialize in marine services with advanced remediation technologies. Our teams utilize patented technologies to continue our track record of saving our clients money. 

With our processes, we fill voids, stabilize disturbed soils, and seal structures without excavation or heavy machinery. Through material efficiencies and our broad experience, we get the job done right the first time. 

What Causes Seawall and Bulkhead Failures? 

Both tidal flows and lake levels rise and fall. As they do, water pushes through the cracks, joints, and defects in marine structures. This continuous inflow and outflow of water loosens and washes out the soil. 

In turn, the structural integrity deteriorates. Moreover, the rainy seasons in the Gulf Coast cause this to happen even faster. This is because the rain soaks into the soil or sand and washes out through the structure. This removes vital sand and soils that stabilize it. 

Marine Concrete Repair with BCG Services

The teams at BCG Service have extensive experience when it comes to the restoration and repair of marine structures. Across the Louisiana Gulf Coast, we strive to improve the safety, longevity, and durability of structures. 

With an experienced team, multiple concrete repair solutions, and a fleet of advanced technologies, we offer personalized service and solutions to cities, residents, and business owners. Using our advanced solutions, we ensure the durability and longevity of concrete marine structures. 

Our team serves a broad spectrum of clientele, working in both seawater and freshwater. From wharves and bridges to bulkheads and seawalls, count on the experience and expertise of our marine concrete repair specialists. 

Call Now for a Free Consultation: Marine Concrete Repair

At BCG Services, we offer a broad range of solutions for marine concrete repair. Whether you need to reinforce your seawall or strengthen the foundation of your structure, trust in the expertise and experience of our team. 

With our patented foam injection, we fill the voids in structures, permeating the sandy soils to form a reinforced, watertight mass. Additionally, the injection allows the foam to seek out and seal any cracks or defects. As such, it prevents future washout. 

Once we stabilize and seal the structure, we have the power to level and lift any concrete into its proper position. Call today for a free consultation with our team!

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If you’re concrete is structurally sound, you might not have to replace it?  Replacing the concrete won’t fix the soil settlement that is potentially causing the issue in the first place.  Allow our expert technicians to work through our 27 point assessment, free of charge, to not only save you time and money but ultimately provide a longer-lasting, higher-quality solution.

Sidewalk Leveling for Walkways in Commercial and Residential Spaces

When it comes to sidewalk leveling, people aren’t always aware of their liability. If a walkway has more than a ¼” rise between slabs, it’s a liability for business owners and homeowners alike. With our concrete leveling services, Louisiana home and business owners have a quick, efficient, effective way to avoid costly litigation. Using our patented leveling foam, our teams work quickly and accurately to level walkways throughout the Louisiana Gulf Coast region.

How Sidewalk Leveling Works with BCG Services

With our unique sidewalk leveling and slab lifting solution, we control the lift of concrete slabs. By using our patented leveling foam, we restore a level surface that seals and stabilizes the defective areas. Moreover, it seals off sources of water penetration from below the slab. As the foam dries, it hardens. This reinforces the support structure of the concrete and anyone who walks on top of it. This leaves behind a smooth and level walkway which is HOA approved in the State of Louisiana.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Billy W.of Morgan City, LA

The employees did an amazing job! They kept me informed on all phases of the project. I will refer you guys to anyone I know that needs this type of work.

Darlene M.of Asia Metaire, LA

By using BCG to repair my slab, I maintained the value of my home. I couldn't afford to replace the slab, BCG allowed me to use that room again. I am very grateful for them.

Evelyn G.of Houma, LA

I am happy with my driveway, it looks better every day.

Maxie G.of Gibson, LA

Your people were very efficient and professional they made the job look easy! No problems they could not handle. Over and above!!!

The Leader in commercial repair services

The Leader in commercial repair services

The Leader in commercial repair services

The Leader in commercial repair services

The Leader in commercial repair services

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