Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair + Leveling

When you need residential concrete repair services in Louisiana, call on the experts at BCG Services. From cracked concrete driveways to sunken walkways, our concrete leveling solutions lift and stabilize problem areas.

Eliminate safety risks and drainage issues while preventing more costly repairs down the road.

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Cracked Driveway Repair

Pulling into your own driveway should never feel like an offroad adventure. Moreover, your driveway is often the first thing guests see when they visit. Cracked, unlevel concrete is nothing more than an eyesore. What’s worse? It lowers your home’s value whenever you decide to sell.
Large cracks and uneven surfaces in concrete pathways pose a risk to you, your family, visitors, and passersby, leaving you liable for a poorly maintained tripping hazard.

Luckily, BCG Services has a patented concrete repair solution. With our patented foam injection, we fill cracks and lift sunken concrete in driveways and parking lots to bring them back into place. When we’re done, you have a long-lasting solution with curb appeal.

Our residential concrete repair process is simple, fast, and effective. When other services resort to mudjacking, count on BCG Services to counter with a cleaner solution.

A Cleaner Solution to Concrete Leveling

Until recently, mudjacking was one of the most popular ways to repair residential concrete, from patios to driveways. However, our teams use a more innovative, cost-effective, and practical solution in our patented foam injection.

With a waterproof solution sure not to wash out, we offer a clean, efficient, effective solution to your concrete woes. Moreover, your concrete driveway or patio retains its strength, bearing the weight of whatever rests on it without the risk of further damage.


Louisiana Residential Concrete and Foundation Repair

We are the local experts when it comes to residential concrete leveling and foundation repair services. Across Louisiana, we offer quality solutions for a variety of issues homeowners face. From sunken foundations to cracked patios, we have a passion for delivering the highest level of service and expertise.

Through concrete leveling and foundation repair, we offer our clients safe, stable homes that look great. When you work with our team, we provide a long-lasting repair you can count on.

Concrete Leveling or Replacement?

Oftentimes, homeowners believe damaged concrete is beyond repair. Cracked, sunken pieces that settle irregularly are visually unappealing and pose a danger to anyone who crosses your property. Worse yet, a sinking house poses a danger to your entire family.

However, concrete replacement is a time-consuming, expensive process. It requires the removal of old concrete before pouring a new slab. The process takes days to cure before your family can use it again.

With our patented foam injection, though, we level concrete out instead of replacing it. Since we don’t have to tear out and replace a slab, our team works quickly and efficiently to level out your property.

Oftentimes, our teams finish a job in a single afternoon, and your concrete is ready for use in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, with our concrete leveling solutions, the result is as strong and durable as a full replacement.

Ready to Fix your Uneven Concrete?

When your home needs some leveling out, contact our residential concrete repair team for a helping hand! Our team is always ready to assist. Call now to schedule a FREE inspection.

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