Pool Deck Repair:
Concrete Leveling

Pool Concrete Leveling

BCG Services offers pool deck repair and concrete leveling to residential and commercial spaces. With quick, efficient pool deck concrete repair, we bring new life to your pool.

From sunken pool decks to uneven walkways, we offer an easy way to eliminate tripping hazards. With our patented foam injection, BCG provides a fast, durable, and cost-effective means to address concrete deck repair.

Pool Deck Concrete Repair for Tripping Hazards

When water starts to splash, pool decks become treacherous. From diving boards and ladders to curbs and coping stones, there are plenty of risks at play even when the concrete is level. If you add a tripping hazard to the mix, it becomes all the more dangerous.

Oftentimes, these hazards result from sunken pool decks. Given the environment and risk, these tripping hazards have the potential to lead to tragedy.

While there are many ways to repair the deck of an in-ground pool, they are often intrusive and extensive. From mudjacking to demolition and replacement, the old means of pool deck leveling are inefficient and messy.

At BCG Services, we offer peace of mind to homeowners and commercial entities alike with our patented foam injection. Without shutting a pool down for more than a few hours, we improve the safety of your space in a clean, unintrusive manner.


Pool Deck Leveling with BCG Services

With our patented foam injection, BCG teams work efficiently in only the impacted areas. Through our process, we bore small holes into the sunken pool deck and use a hose to pump our foam into the area.

As the foam flows into the pool deck, it fills the weak, eroded soil under the slab. Spreading throughout the area, it fills gaps, voids, and even the smallest cracks in the concrete. The foam acts as a sort of structural cushion to lift and level the concrete pool deck.

Trust BCG with Your Pool Deck Repair

What do you do when your concrete pool deck sinks or cracks? What if it looks fine but sounds hollow? At BCG Services, our teams understand how to assess and address an array of issues with pool deck repair.

Not sure what the right solution is for your pool deck woes? Contact a representative at BCG! Our teams can provide an estimate on any residential or commercial concrete repair, pool deck lifting, or concrete leveling job.

With our patented foam injection, we have the ability to tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients. Whether your soil settles or erodes beneath your concrete pool deck, we have the expertise and experience to offer you peace of mind with our concrete pool deck repair services.

Homeowners and businesses alike rely on BCG to provide quick, efficient, and non-intrusive repairs. Let us help you get back on solid ground and improve the safety of your pool deck. Call today to see what BCG can do for you!