Concrete Bridge
Repair in Louisiana

Bridge Piling Repair & Restoration

Concrete bridge repair requires specialized equipment and expertise. At BCG, we extend our expertise in marine structures to bridges. Through advanced remediation technologies, we improve the safety of bridges across the Gulf Coast region.

With our patented technologies in pile jacket epoxy and a modular tube jacket, we provide valuable stabilization, longevity, and durability to bridges in need of repair. Moreover, our experts work efficiently and skillfully, getting the job done right in a timely manner.

Deck Cracking and Concrete Bridge Repair

As with any concrete structure, cracks form over time. When this happens, there are often two options.

  1. Replace slabs
  2. Fill cracks

Concrete slab replacement often requires extensive downtime and labor. On the other hand, our patented foam injection allows our team to achieve the desired results in a timely manner. In a single afternoon, we have the capability to fill cracks in concrete to seal the structure.

This strengthens the structure while waterproofing the deck into a single structure. This provides a much safer driving surface with a restored carrying capacity.

Bridge Repair and Restoration

When a bridge has decayed, cracked, or defective concrete, restoration is essential. With our concrete bridge repair services, BCG provides a time-efficient manner to restore bridges. As concrete begins to show its age, we step in with innovative methods to offer crucial maintenance to support continued use.

Over time, spalling, settling, and cracking all contribute to a weakened structure. To ensure a bridge lasts, it requires reinforcement to the core structure. Through our patented solutions, we offer an effective, efficient means with an unintrusive service.

Moreover, we understand how to apply our solutions in a way that meets your specific needs. For instance, a rubble-filled pier shaft might require new pads to support the structure as well as pressure grouting for added reinforcement.


Bridge Piling

When bridge pilings fail, the results are often catastrophic. They lead to the loss of human life and an economic impact in a region. Oftentimes, these structures set in water, making extensive repair a challenge. With our patented technologies, we have the power to repair and strengthen bridge piling.
While we specialize in concrete bridge repair, our flexible equipment allows us to work with concrete, timber, and steel structures. With our innovative Modular Form-A-Tube jacket technology, we have a flexible solution to apply in numerous cases.

This significant advance in bridge piling repair and restoration makes challenging work less invasive and extensive while maintaining the reliability and longevity of the structure. With Modular Form-A-Tube jackets, we connect thin sheets to build a barrier around the piling and fill the shell with grout or resin.

This establishes a structure around the piling to reinforce it and foster a sturdier, safer environment.

Trust BCG for Concrete Bridge Repair & Bridge Piling Restoration

With our patented technologies, we reinforce and strengthen bridge piling and decks. With a watertight structure, we improve the longevity and durability of the structure. Moreover, we restore it to its carrying capacity to offer a safer environment for drivers who use the bridge.

With a stable, sealed structure, we build a safer world for everyone in the Gulf Coast region. Schedule a call today for a free estimate from our team!

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