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Learn more about BCG Services' recent work requests in New Orleans, LA
Canal Blvd in New Orleans
Slab needs leveling carport
Vincennes Place in New Orleans
Cracks in walls and molding. Need to know if it's normal settling or more serious issue
Park Timbers Drive in New Orleans
I would like to level sidewalk and pool deck at my home.
King Drive in New Orleans
Porch collasping in the center pulling an iron gate down with it and part of the roof
Yosemite Drive in New Orleans
A piece of the sidewalk in front of our house is sinking. It is about 3 X 3 feet, is square and not broken. It is a fall hazard that I would like to fix.
Poydras St. in New Orleans
Would like to discuss repair options for an industrial slab at a Port warehouse which has settled approximately 1.25" at the edge of a pile-supported slab.
Saint Nick Dr in New Orleans
Side walk by the back of pool is uneven and requires leveling
Berkley Drive in New Orleans
We are looking to buy a home in old aurora that will need structural repair.
Bienville St in New Orleans
I need to have front porch steps raised about 3-4 inches
Germain Street in New Orleans
Driveway is cracking and wanted to see if it can be repaired or if I would need to replace?
Woodward Ave in New Orleans
Patio slab will not drain away from the house
Pontalba St in New Orleans
The steps at the front of my house are leaning and need to be leveled
North Alexander in New Orleans
Our front sidewalk is cracking, and front stairs are tilting 1".
Alvar St in New Orleans
Leveling the House and raising higher
Midway Dr in New Orleans
I have about a 10 ft section of front walkway that holds water after it rains due to leaning/sinking
Marcia Ave in New Orleans
Driveway sloping wrong way
Utah St in New Orleans
House not level
Orleans Avenue in New Orleans
Backyard & garage concrete needs redoing
Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans
We are renovating a large warehouse where the floor has sunk ,crack and increasingly uneven. We are looking to level the floor off and are looking at quotes. It is roughly 19000 square feet. with a slope of 0 to 8 inches.
S Pin Oak Avenue in New Orleans
I have few concrete slabs around the pool deck that are uneven. I would like to see how much it would cost to even them out.
Veronese St in New Orleans
Good evening. Looking to get a quote for a void fill please under a concrete slab
Orleans Ave in New Orleans
My slab has settled about 4 inches under my house. There is a bout a 4 ft deep hole under my slab from what we have measured.
Nashville Ave in New Orleans
We recently purchased this home and insurance company is requesting that we repair the sidewalks or they will cancel our insurance.
South Inwood Ave in New Orleans
Concrete on detached shed in back yard not level. Would like to level concrete slab before installation of new shed. Need an estimate.
Plymouth Pl in New Orleans
House slab needs leveling
Laurel St. in New Orleans
Have slabs in back yard that need lifting.
Tall Timbers Dr in New Orleans
Section of my driveway is sinking/settling to one side.
St. Anthony Avenue in New Orleans
Need unleveled driveway repaired.

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