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Vicinity of in Metairie
Sinking side walk, backyard patio concrete breaking apart and sinking.
Vicinity of N Sibley St in Metairie
I have a raised home and am having an issue with ceiling and wall separation.
Vicinity of Elmwood Parkway in Metairie
This is a house we are renovating for a flip. The driveway and the sidewalks need to be re-done. So we are looking for a quote to try to understand what the cost will be.
Vicinity of Academy Dr in Metairie
I have a concrete walkway that has settled in the middle which is causing a ponding of water. This is the main walkway into the house and want to see about lifting/leveling instead of removing and replacing it.
Vicinity of Beverly Gardens in Metairie
Driveway is uneven and side walks are uneven have a car that is low to the ground and I have trouble getting it in my garage
Vicinity of Mason Smith Ave in Metairie
Driveway/side walk has one side that is dipped down
Vicinity of Concord in Metairie
Driveway sinking
Vicinity of Eisenhower Ave in Metairie
Driveway, apron and section near front porch have sunk and need to be raised and slope for run off to street across driveway apron at the bottom.
Vicinity of Bonnabel Blvd in Metairie
Patio sinking on property line after retaining wall put in place (new construction) next door
Vicinity of Metairie Lawn Dr in Metairie
Back corner of concrete driveway needs to be raised, and large cracks fixed
Vicinity of Sandra Ave in Metairie
Have a 11x9 foot slab i need lufted
Vicinity of Colapissa in Metairie
There is a big black spot on driveway. It may be caused my water. My clients want to know how would we flatten that"pond" and get rid of this black spot forever
Vicinity of Seminole Ave in Metairie
We have no visible interior foundation problems at this time. We just purchased this house and have discovered there is a void under the foundation due to gutter and downspout drainage. Instead of filling in with sand, we would like to explore more permanent options to prevent any damage or further settling or damage to the piers under the foundation.
Vicinity of N Atlanta St. in Metairie
Driveway elevation and leveling
Vicinity of Wade Drive in Metairie
I have uneven concrete drive way that I would like to have leveled.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave in Metairie
Patio/carport slab converted into a den has settled at a load bearing corner. Want to prevent any further settlement.
Vicinity of Ridgeway Dr in Metairie
My driveway and sidewalks are not level
Vicinity of Jessica St in Metairie
We have a contract to sell house and inspection shows slab is sinking
Vicinity of David Dr in Metairie
I'm noticing tiles inside my house are raising in some area. I have a large tree close to front of house.
Vicinity of Green Acres Ct in Metairie
12 year old sidewalk is uneven at joints. No cracks. Would like get a price to level.
Vicinity of N. Labarre in Metairie
Floors slope, bricks cracked.
Vicinity of Airline Park Blvd in Metairie
I have a garage that needs leveling and some drive way going to it. Just needs price as of now.
Vicinity of Ashley Ct in Metairie
Cracked and unleveled driveway.
Vicinity of Parkaire in Metairie
Part of driveway is sinking
Vicinity of Haring Ct in Metairie
Driveway uneven
Vicinity of FRANKEL AVE in Metairie
4 car driveway that has sunk and needs to be raised and leveled.
Vicinity of Aris Abe in Metairie
Driveway sinking. Addition to original driveway is also sinking.
Vicinity of Judith St in Metairie
Walkway along park side of house sinking and needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of Akron in Metairie
Concrete near front door sinking
Vicinity of Green Acres Rd in Metairie
Poorly constructed room from a carport about 20-30 years ago...water, cats, settling and weight of roof causing part of house to sink
Vicinity of Phillip Street in Metairie
Was interested in purchasing a house and found out it has a sinking foundation of up to 7 inches I'm told. So I was wondering how much it would cost to fix or if walking away from the house deal is a better fit for me.
Vicinity of Taft Park in Metairie
My house has some very large variances. I would like to get it leveled.
Vicinity of Airline ParkBlvd. in Metairie
They are doing drainage construction on my street 22month project. I am noticing issues with my home and want to know if it is structural.
Vicinity of in Metairie
Curious to the cost of repair
Vicinity of Harvard Ave in Metairie
Heard about you on Sat AM "Paul's House". This is a triplex on a slab built in the (1980s?). Back yard is almost all slab and holds water. Also, the entrance threshold to each unit is part of slab and is cracking. Prior owner had patched with cement.
Vicinity of Cleveland Place in Metairie
I have a corner lot . There are 4 sections of my sidewalk that uneven and need to be repaired. Two sections have trees close by and roots need to be cut back
Vicinity of Old Metairie Drive in Metairie
Have a side walk and a driveway that needs to be lifted. Not a very large area. The driveway slab is approximately 2' x 8' wide and 4" thick exposed aggregate. Side walk is 6' to 7' by 2' or so.
Vicinity of Boutall Street in Metairie
Gap under driveway near garage door and front steps to entrance.
Vicinity of James Drive in Metairie
Concrete driveway sinking at edge of carport
Vicinity of Toby Ln. in Metairie
Break up a walk way and re pour Approx 4 yrds of concrete must be must be wheeled in
Vicinity of Arlington Dr in Metairie
The front sidewalk at my address at the property line nearest the railroad tracks, has sunken about 2 inches on one end only. I would like estimate to raise the mismatched end only to remove the tripping hazard and match the concrete at both ends.
Vicinity of Cherokee Ave in Metairie
Sinking garage
Vicinity of Danny Park in Metairie
I have a smal concrete landing (probably 4' x 4') at the bottom of the step to my front door that is sinking. Would like an estimate to have it leveled/raised.
Vicinity of Sandra Ave. in Metairie
Sidewalks need leveling. (holding rainwater) They are not cracked just sinking down at the expansion joints.
Vicinity of Wabash St in Metairie
Need a price for (24) helical piles, minimum compressive strength 50kips, tension 45kips. need price for piles alone, then need price to install.
Vicinity of N Cumberland St in Metairie
Foundation is uneven with 3" difference from one side to the other. Need to make it even by adding piles . Some extra soil and sand will be needed to refill the foundation too.
Vicinity of Versailles St in Metairie
Need uneven drive way fixed
Vicinity of Minnesota Ave in Metairie
Home needs foundation repair
Vicinity of Belmont Pl. in Metairie
I have a small section of my entrance walkway that has settled about 1/2 inch on one side and my wife is wanting it brought back up. The section is 9' 9" long by 38" wide. I don't see the need to rip out this section, it's only 10 years old and in good condition. Thank you.
Vicinity of St Martin St in Metairie
Level off driveway/patio area.
Vicinity of Blanke ST in Metairie
My driveway is low compared to the house and when it rains the water does not drain to the street and floods the driveway.
Vicinity of Verna in Metairie
Sidewalk/driveway sinking.
Vicinity of Colony Rd in Metairie
Driveway is sinking and cracking.
Vicinity of St in Metairie
6 inch slab differential from front to back on 1563 sq ft home
Vicinity of Jasper St in Metairie
I need tp raise and level my sidewalk in Metairie.
Vicinity of Elise Ave in Metairie
Cracked and sinking pool deck with a void underneath on the left side of the pool.
Vicinity of Aris Ave in Metairie
I have a settled 23' by 10' backyard concrete patio that I'd like an estimate on to raise.
Vicinity of Yale Ave in Metairie
Sidewalk drop, front of house near driveway, five foot concrete dropped 4 or 5 inches.
Vicinity of Kathleen Ave in Metairie
Piling? supported concrete foundation appears to be sinking.
Vicinity of Sells St in Metairie
Vicinity of Lake Avenue in Metairie
We are a condominium/homeowner's association with concrete cracking/sinkage noted to our parking lot. We have two security gates with tracks and low cars scrape, bottom out and can get stuck on top of the track because of the sinking concrete.
Vicinity of Dorrington Blvd in Metairie
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